main-qimg-da577c845e464fdb236901caa8d60f69Ravanayan is a comic book series written by Vijayendra Mohanty and pencilled by Vivek Goel. It tells the story of the Ramayana from the point of view of its prime antagonist Ravana. But that is not all it does.

Ravanayan is a meanwhile story. It is composed of events and scenes (some actual, some imaginary) that happened when the reader was looking at the main narrative. When Lanka was burning, where was Ravana? Why did Ravana want to rule the world? When he met Brahma, what did Ravana really ask for? These are some of the questions you will find answered in Ravanayan.

Published by Holy Cow Entertainment, Ravanayan is a comic book series that has been in the news more than once. It is on sale at most major online shopping portals.


Odd Gods

oddgodsIn the realm of the gods, where time sometimes has no meaning and here can easily be confused with there, even seemingly mundane mysteries can boggle the mind. Join celestial seeker Paroksh as he sets out to unravel the unknown and solve the greatest mystery of the universe. Odd Gods is a modern mythological fantasy by Vijayendra Mohanty. New chapters are published every week and there are no print versions of the story.