Welcome to Vimoh’s Worlds!

My name is Vijayendra Mohanty and I have been blogging and telling stories on the web since 2004. I also write non-fiction about media, culture, and creativity. Philosophy and science are my favourite areas of interest.

I have co-created the comic book series Ravanayan and currently work at Culture Machine where I run Epified, a Youtube channel that publishes videos about history and mythology.

In the past, I have worked on projects like Gyan’s World (a webcomic) and Northern Song (a serialised fantasy comic). I have written an online and rather unorthodox version of the epic Ramayana too.

These days, I am composing a fantasy web serial called ODD GODS. It is a mystery set in a mythological universe full of gods, rakshasas, and sages.

If you want, you can get in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can send me an email.