Ten months old Rohan Mishra decided he liked ice cream a lot. He thought he probably liked ice cream more than he liked mummy and felt ashamed of himself. So he put the ice cream away.

He had spent the last two days practicing his English and now knew three words. One was Banana. The other two were too hard to pronounce (but he knew them). He had been using his spare time to say Banana whenever he could. One could never practice enough.

Mummy had been helping him with the practice by letting him hold a banana. He held it up to anyone who passed and said Banana. People repeated what he said and he got to hear it more often than he otherwise would have. That helped too.

The practicing occasionally went overboard. Rohan had, on five occasions, when asked what a stool, TV, pillow, bottle, and bucket were, had said Banana. He was being more careful now.

Tomorrow he would start work on walking. He had conveyed his intentions to mummy by falling face first on the kitchen floor several times while trying to approach her with open arms.

But he had known mummy to be slow with hints in the past. A lot of poop on the bed was testimony to that.

He picked up the ice cream cup again.