Are the humans of the present age smarter than god?

Which god? And how do we determine how intelligent god is?

The only measure of God’s intelligence we have is the sacred texts that he or she or it is said to have left us. If we compare the average intelligence of a modern human with the author of the world’s “holiest” books, here are some of the conclusions we can come to:

  • We have a relatively clear understanding of the solar system. They didn’t. They didn’t even know of all the planets that go around the sun.
  • We have robust theoretical models of how the universe came into being. These are validated by math. Their models are speculative in nature and come with little evidence except authoritarian arguments.
  • We know how elements function and react to each other. We have broken them up and seen their innards to such a great extent that we can combine them to make things we desire. The knowledge god gave man was somewhat lacking in this department.
  • We have made tremendous strides in medical science and we can cure / fix really damaged bodies with relative ease. Sacred texts had nothing on this. Indeed, they are full of accounts that encourage superstitious thinking.

These are just a few examples. I think it is safe to say that many modern human beings are smarter than god. They are also kinder and more moral than god. They have a clearer view of man’s origin and a grander view of the human future. All of this factors into intelligence I think.

The key difference between man and the god he used to worship is that over time, man has become capable of telling fact from fiction. Back when he couldn’t do so, he frequently mistook imagination for reality. God is a leftover illusion from that era.

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