Why were we born as human beings?

We ARE human beings. Our being human is not a quality that can be removed from “us”.

This is a common thought failure. It is the tendency to assign independent existence to a property and thinking it can exist without the thing that it is a property of. Being human is our property. If we weren’t human, we would not exist.

Why were birds born with wings? See why this question is nonsensical? If they didn’t have wings, they wouldn’t be birds.

Why were fish born as fish? BECAUSE THEY ARE FISH! If they hadn’t been born as fish, they would not exist. The fishness of the fish is a description of a condition, not an independent condition.

Human beings have something called language. Language contains words that are descriptive — they are used to define objects and concepts. The problem arises when, because there are words to represent things as well as thoughts, we equate the two and assume a thought is a thing.

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