Are Hindu marriages more scientific?

Few things are more bewildering than the nonchalance with which words like “science” and “scientific” are thrown about in modern India. To a certain extent, it shows our science-envy and the willingness to break away from unscientific ways and superstition. But in another, more accurate way, it shows how deeply entrenched we still are in irrationality.

Any marriage is an experiment. It puts two people together in a household and tries to see if the alliance can produce a functional social unit. To this extent, all marriages are “scientific”. They are social experiments. But because these social exprriments are not carried out with the intention of data gathering, all they end up being is ritualistic reenactments of cultural behaviour.

Marriages are simply socially authorised rituals that legitimise monogamy. You might say, that in a society that values cohesiveness and structure, there are rational reasons behind marriage. But none of that makes marriage “scientific”.

And this applies to all marriages. Not just Hindu ones.

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