Why do some people hate and denounce Islam without reading the Quran?

It’s simple. Some religions expose themselves to a high degree because of their need to spread. The religions that don’t do so remain less well-known and hating and denouncing them becomes more difficult as a result. You can’t hate something you don’t know about.

Islam is very well exposed. Everybody has heard of it and its many versions. People know about its principle doctrine, its practitioners, and those who commit violence in its name. Because Islam is so widespread, people even know actual Muslims in their extended circle of friends and acquaintances. They begin to feel, after observing their friends and what they say about their religion, that they understand Islam. This makes it more likely for them to hold a view on Islam — positive or negative.

The reason some people hate on Islam without reading the Quran is because Islam does not prioritise reading the Quran. Instead, it prioritises a belief in Allah.

If the first thing people were required to do with respect to Islam was read the Quran, things would be a lot simpler. People could read the book and come to conclusions about the religion. I will bet there would have been less hate if that were the case.

What we have instead is a state of affairs where people are expected to believe in Allah without knowing why they should do so. They are being told that everything else is secondary and that belief is of paramount importance. That’s the source of Islam’s troubles.

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