Why is life worth loving?

I love that life exists at all. It might not have, but it does. And that by itself is an amazing thing.

To the best of our knowledge, the universe is lifeless. It is only on this small rock orbiting a small star in a small corner of a small galaxy that life, as we know it, exists. Somehow, matter has taken the form of sentient beings that are asking questions and understanding the way the universe works. Through life, the universe is knowing itself.

Think about everything we know about the brain. And then consider the instrument we have used to understand the brain — the brain itself! Inert matter is trying to understand itself. This is the miracle of life. We are brains that reside in bodies that are conscious of the fact that we are brains inside bodies.

There might come a time when we find that life is vastly more abundant than we previously knew and that the galaxies are full of stars that have planets that have life. Or perhaps we will not and it will be up to us to become the force that makes life abundant in the universe. Or perhaps there are other ways that the universe manifests itself through — ways that are so different from our way of being that even our imaginations fail.

But right now, here, life as we know it, is all we have. And I personally think it is worth preserving.

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