On the long-dead “two-nation theory”

Below is my answer to the Quora question: Isn’t it better to think that Hindus in India should accept the two-nation theory and ask all Muslims to go to other countries?

The two-nation theory is no longer on the table. It has not been on the table for a long time. It was proposed by the Muslim League to justify the existence of Pakistan and it was put into effect in the wake of the Independence.

That’s it. It’s been over ever since.

Jinnah became Pakistan’s premier. Some Muslims went over, some didn’t and stayed back. Many Hindus came over, some didn’t and stayed in Pakistan. It has been seventy years.

What we have seen in these seventy years is the fulfillment of an experiment. On the one hand was an idealistic utopia composed of Muslims under a Muslim system. It was supposed to be peaceful and honourable. It failed to be that in so many ways.

On the other side was a really old land recovering from civilisational wounds inflicted over many centuries. It chose to remain open, secular, and democratic and did its best to fashion itself into a modern nation. With minor failings, it worked.

It worked because the two-nation theory was a bogus idea. India and Pakistan, as they exist today, are living proof that the two-nation theory is nothing more than the product of a single, misguided, idealistic mind — Jinnah.

The truth is, Pakistan was created for Muslims but India was not created for Hindus. As such, the idea of a Hindu asking a Muslim to leave India is exactly the same as a Muslim asking a Hindu to leave India. It literally makes no sense at all.

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