How can Draupadi be holy hearted?

My answer to How can Draupadi be holy hearted?

Answer by Vijayendra Mohanty:

A lot depends on what you mean by a holy heart. I personally think there exists such a thing as a holy heart, but I will take issue with your framing of the question and ask you this (I am ignoring the rumour to keep this simple):

Why can’t a woman with five husbands be holy-hearted?

I think someone might answer this by implying that holiness of the heart has something to do with sexual fidelity. If so, was any of the five Pandava princes holy-hearted? They each loved a woman who was someone else’s wife too. Was Krishna holy-hearted? He had many wives and female friends. Was Kunti holy-hearted? She conceived three sons from three people who were not her husband.

So here is your answer: The Mahabharata is a book for adults. If your sense of morality is as childish as this, you should come back to the Mahabharata after growing up.

The world is a complicated place where people of all genders fight to make sense of their lives against overwhelming practical odds. The Mahabharata reflects this.

How can Draupadi be holy hearted?