What are some of experienced Quorans’ tips to newbie Quorans?

Understand a few things about this platform. Remember, there are places on the internet where there are no rules. Quora is not one of them.

Quora is not Twitter. It is also not your blog or your Facebook profile or a place to dump every mass forward you receive on Whatsapp. It is a platform for sharing knowledge.

You can only share knowledge that you do have. You can’t answer questions on topics that you know nothing about. Be honest about where you are getting your facts from. Hyperlink and annotate the fuck out of your answers. It will make you look smarter, not dumber.

As a writer as well as a reader/upvoter on Quora, understand the fact that an answer is supposed to be useful first and foremost. It has to satisfy the conditions of the question. When you answer, you are not entering a popularity contest. You are engaging in an act of helpfulness.

Grammar matters. It really does matter. If you are unsure about the correct spelling of a word or the proper usage of a phrase, ask someone. And if someone edits your question to make it clearer to understand, don’t take that as an insult. They are doing you a favour, as well as everyone else who might come across it.

Learn the art of framing a neutral question. This means that your question should not be loaded with meaning. It should not presume an unverified state of affairs. Doing a little bit of research before asking a question might help with this.

  • Example of a loaded question: Why do all apples hate bananas?
  • Example of a neutral question: Do all apples hate bananas? If yes, why?

Lastly, assume that everyone you deal with on Quora is sincere and has the best intentions. I know this can be difficult often because more and more people are being just plain obnoxious in their answers, but it helps keep you cool and objective.

BNBR and prosper!

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