Matsya Avatar and Noah’s Ark story

The story of a great flood which was survived by an old man and a few others in a boat of his own making is not unique to any culture. There appear to have been several versions of it in ancient times. The most well-known of these today are three in number:

  1. Noah’s flood myth of the Bible (Hebrew)
  2. Matsya avatar myth of Hinduism (Indian)
  3. Flood myth from the epic of Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian)

It is likely that stories travelled the world with travellers and merchants and got told and retold all over the planet. These retellings might eventually have made their way into mainstream mythologies of different cultures.

Wikipedia has an elaborate list of flood myths from all over the world. The same elements repeat in all these stories — god gets angry, decides to wipe everything out, warns his favourite men, a boat gets built. Etc.

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