Of wombs and women

My answer on Quora to “Why were women chosen by nature to carry a womb and not men?

Nature does not choose anything. At least not in the way we sometimes understand her as choosing. We understand choosing as something of an individual prerogative and something that requires consciousness and the ability / willingness to make choices. These choices are either guided by self interest or social morality.

Nature does not work like this.

When molecules started self-replicating in a primordial shallow pool, they were not chosen by nature. When microscopic life forms started reproducing by way of mitosis, they were not chosen by nature. When larger animals evolved through random mutation and by natural selection, they too were not “chosen”.

Human beings have gotten to a point in their evolutionary journey where they are divided into two sexes. This arrangement just happened to be the most efficient way of reproducing given the conditions our ancestors lived through.

No woman is chosen on an individual basis to carry a womb. In fact, the fact of womanhood may be said to depend on a human being carrying a womb, and not the other way around.

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