Charlie Hebdo and a horrific defence of terror

Regarding the incident in Paris, the argument going around is as follows:

“It is tragic that cartoonists were killed but we also need to consider the kind of cartoons they were making. Also, Muslims are marginalised and poor and therefore take to terrorism. The magazine had a history of insulting Islam.”

Let me use an analogy here to illustrate how horrific this line of reasoning is:

“A woman was raped by assholes. This is tragic. But we need to keep in mind what kind of person she was and how many people she had relations with. Also, the assholes are sex starved and have therefore taken to raping women. Besides, she had a history of tempting men with her skimpy clothing.”

Fact is, even if the woman in question was the most “immoral” female on the face of the planet, at no point should her nature or personality figure in the debate on the matter of her rape. Funny thing is (tragic thing actually), many of those who would not stop waxing eloquent on matters of press freedom are now all of a sudden becoming self-declared voices of sanity in what is clearly a case of utter and complete criminality.

#charlie-hebdo, #terrorism