On Bigotry and Intolerance

Someone asked “If someones hates bigots, are they bigots themselves?” on Quora. Below is my answer.

I think labels can be tricky things. I personally define a bigot as someone who is hatefully opposed to a way of thinking or a certain ideology without completely understanding its nuances.

By that logic, yes. It is possible to call someone opposed to a dictator a bigot, especially if their opposition roots from a less than average understanding of the said dictator. No ideology is all bad and no person is all evil.

I suppose the trick here is to not be completely shut to any idea, regardless of how distasteful you may personally find it. Leave a little room for the good bits to sink in. Intolerance itself is the enemy, not the various subjects of intolerance.

Having said that, judging things and people isn’t something that can be helped. Judging is inevitable. And because of that, being called a ‘bigot’ is also inevitable.

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