Never a good idea to underestimate Congress

I keep saying that the Congress is not stupid (despite what turbo-charged BJP supporters might be saying on Twitter). They haven’t managed to remain in power for five effing decades by being dumb. They aren’t the kind of losers funny memes make them look like.

They are heroes to many and villains to as many others and they are smart enough to milk these impressions. Recall all the small-time parties in independent India’s history that rose to prominence by being ‘anti-Congress’. Now look around and see where they are today — almost all of them allied with… that’s right… the Congress.

AAP is nothing new. In fact, AAP is perhaps the oldest trick in Congress’s book. They use smaller versions of this very same trick every time there is something controversial in the pipeline. One Congressi supports it, another Congressis opposes it. Eventually, no matter what the outcome, Congress wins.

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. The family at the core of the Congress is the real rot India suffers from. The greatest mistake anyone who is genuinely interested in seeing a Dynasty-free India can make, is to take Congress lightly.

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