Stories are cultural residue

Carbon goes into the making of things. It is also all that is left of things after they combust. And so it is with stories. Every cultural interaction ends with the creation of stories.

It doesn’t matter if the stories are deliberately created or not, they come into being all the same. When we become part of any social exchange — be it a simple over-the-fence conversation or a significant social gathering — we become either creators of stories or a part of one.

Stories are born of the human need to connect and be appreciated as worthwhile parts of the social narrative. If one were to explain this in terms of Dawkinsian meme theory, it may even be suggested that stories are the ends in service of which human society exists.

With the passage of time, institutions rot, structures crumble, and entire races die out. So it is no wonder that in the name of culture, often all that is left is stories.

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