AAP ki kahani: A political parable

A kid walks into a college class where advanced physics is being taught and demands to be included. He is told that he can’t join in as he lacks the necessary fundamentals. He calls the professor elitist and the students laugh. He calls the students enemies of children everywhere and declares that he, along with other free-thinking children, is going to agitate against the tyranny of academia and free education from their evil clutches.

He goes out and delivers fiery speeches. Many children (from primary school) are inspired by his passion and join him in denouncing the education system. They call teachers cheats and they call students corrupt for being allied with these teachers. They point out that while teachers pretend to disagree with each other on some matters, they are all hand-in-glove with each other when it comes to maintaining their academic power.

They argue that every child, no matter what his age, deserves to be able to join in every class that is ongoing at the university.

Eventually, even those who had initially supported them, begin to see the folly of their ways and declare them stupid children (which they are). The children, in their turn, accuse everyone of being oppressive and anti-children.

Miffed at the world for being sidelined, the children form gangs to continue getting attention and throw rocks at schools and colleges in the name of the revolution they represent. Those who tell them that they are hurting the cause of education by their actions, they dub anti-children and anti-education.

In due course of time, their revolution remains little more than street-side noise-making. The children forsake education in the name of education.

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