Writing comics? Start small

Here’s some free advice for those looking to write comics. If nobody knows your name, your chances of attracting publishers’ attention are that much slimmer. So in order to start off, do not pitch them an EPIC.

Start off with something small — a one-shot story. Let it be short and to-the-point. Let it kick ass. Let the readers as well as publishers remember you as the guy/girl who wrote that mind-blowing 20-page comic.

It is easier for a publisher to consider investing in something small. When you ask them to sign up for an epic that will stretch out for years, you scare them shitless. They will feel trapped and very likely reject your advances.

I understand the urge to create your own universe. It is a great feeling and there is nothing like it. But in order to get there, you need to take small steps.

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