Unholy smokes!

If anyone maintains a list of people in peril because of passivesmoking, add me to it. And it might be a good idea to move me to thetop of the list too. Also, if you can, keep my name in bold… andunderline it. You get the idea, don’t you?

I have long wondered whythe fact that smoking is ‘injurious to your health’ makes no differenceto those who do smoke. Some time ago, there was this report about graphic smoking warnings on cigarette packets. It hasn’t taken off anywhere I have cared to look (or have I been looking in the wrong places? Hmmm…).

Peopledo quit smoking. There are a number of people in my knowing, who havequit. But its not the sanest of reasons that brought them around to it.Some quit because their budgets were unforgiving. Some decided to beworthy of better company. I even know one gentleman who quit smokingbecause he couldn’t pronounce Marlboro. He couldn’t stand the snickers, chuckles and guffaws that greeted him at cigarette shops.

Isuppose a few more similar causes could rid my personal atmosphere offurther noxious fumes. Now all I have to worry about is traffic, yajnas and smoking fires of any kind. That should do it. If not, just strike my name off the list in a couple of weeks time.

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